2/16/17 - Day Off #1 / by Matt Oberski



While my creative gears never seem to stop turning, finding time to produce new work amongst sociopolitical turmoil, a new job, and freelance ventures has seemed impossible this year. However, I believe I've found a solution to this roadblock.

Days Off  will be my ever-growing collection of portraits taken during the precious day or two I have open each week. Whether it be a friend, stranger, family member, coworker, colleague, or otherwise, a new face shall be in front of my lens on my days off. With this, I hope to improve my consistency in creating images and provide a glimpse into the lives of a mere fraction of our global family.

This project will undoubtedly evolve as this year goes on, as many ideas do, and I am elated to see where it takes me.

My good friend Darien helped me kick off this series a couple days ago after we explored the Grand Rapids Art Museum. She dreams of visiting every art museum in the U.S. I hope her dreams come true.