5/3/18 / by Matt Oberski

It's almost been a year since I've updated this blog, huh?

Strange, it doesn't feel like that much time has passed... and yet, over the past ten months or so, so much has happened. Relationships have grown, new friends have entered my life and loved ones have gone, and, as always, I've been slaving away in the kitchen. Not that it's a bad thing; I love my day job, spending an average of eleven hours a day prepping, cooking, running like mad throughout the back-of-house and spouting gibberish as we crank out seemingly endless plates of French and Italian cuisine. I always thought cooking was a temporary gig, something to get me by until I found my lucky break, but I've realized in this past year that cooking is my only ideal day job. At least until I can spend more time shooting. Of course, photography and writing will always be my passions, but I think being a line cook is making its way up there as well.

And so, I say "Thank You" to my chef, Aaron. You took a chance on me in your kitchen, and have taught me an unfathomable amount of information and appreciation for cooking, food, and the chef life. This photo is from a shoot we had in May for a Mother's Day promotion.

Chef Aaron and his mother

Chef Aaron and his mother

Oh, and I promise, I will try and update the blog more often. With the sunshine and warm weather, these days off have provided many opportunities for adventure and distraction.